One Month Old

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet girl!  You’re a month old today!  You have been such a great baby, and we are so in love!  So, so in love!!imageimageYou’re a sleepy little one-still sleeping most of the day and night.  We have been so blessed with great sleepers, and you are following suit.  We are so thankful for this!  You only wake once a night and you go right back to sleep.  It’s usually between 2:30 and 4:00 for about twenty-five minutes.  Sweet, sweet time, just you and me when everything else is so quite and still.imageimageYour brothers, oh how they love you so!  Daddy and I melt when we see how they interact with you.  Just precious and such a gift.  You will know that one day, for sure.  They want to hold you, kiss you, and make sure you’re taken care of.  One of my prayers is that they’ll always treat you like this!imageimageYou’re still in newborn diapers, and I just love that!  You’re so tiny to us-especially compared to your brothers!  You’re in your newborn or 0-3 gowns, too.imageYour little life has blessed our family in countless ways already, Margaret Elaine.  We waited a long time for you.  Prayed through so much and grew so much.  Everything happens in God’s timing, and your birth and YOU being given to us-that’s a God thing!  We’re so thankful you’re ours!!imageimageWe love you more than words can say, sweet one!!

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