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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aren’t the apps available for our phones fun?!  Of course it would be great to have my big camera with me all the time, but since that’s just crazy, you can’t beat the iPhone and it’s apps!

A new hiding spot (8/15).image My boys and me-with the help of the forward facing camera (8/17). imageLast day of the ‘turning two’s’ and ‘infant ones’ (8/19).imageBath time (8/19) and play time (8/23).  Those stacking rings are a favorite!image My heart just skipped a beat. (8/23)imageAn after dinner, after walk treat (8/23) and some extra mommy snuggles (8/16).imageHere they are jammin this morning.  I could watch them interact all day long!

When I take Sam’s tray off, he always searches in his bib pocket to find some goodies that missed his mouth.  And he sits just like Jack did-with his little legs crossed (8/30)!imageMeanwhile, Jack gets some ‘work’ done (8/30).   image


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love it, love it! If you’re on Pinterest, you know what I mean. If you’re not, sign up-you’re gonna love it! No more tearing ideas out of magazines and filing them away in your idea book-it’s all in one place online! (Who am I kidding, I’ll still do that. I’m old fashion like that.)

Jack and I did our first Pinterest project today, and it was so fun! I know you all have seen this one, but we tweaked it a bit. I hot glued the crayons to a shoe box top because I didn’t want them on my final canvas, and after seeing that blow drying the crayons was taking a bit (and Jack was loosing interest), Mark suggested I put it in the oven under the broiler. Brilliant! If I did it again, I’d move the crayons up a bit (on the shoe box top) so I don’t have that blank space on the bottom (which was the top during the process). What a fun project-and cheap piece of homemade art!image I have so many fun things ‘pinned’ and I know all of you that I follow do too! Let’s have a Pinterest day. We’ll bring food from recipes we’ve pinned and make some of the fun ideas we’ve been inspired by-we could start with Halloween?!?! Who’s in?

We just LOVE this little one!

Isn’t this such a ‘baby’ way to play?!  Legs curled up, mesmerized by a simple ring.imageJust today, Mark asked Jack to name two things he loves about Sam.  He said he loves that they go to school together and he loves watching him wake up!  I love that one!  Jack frequently helps me get Sam after his naps.  This afternoon we went to get Sam, and he was laying down with a smile on his face, clapping his hands.  Jack said, “Mommy, he likes me!”.  I can see why that’s one thing he loves about his little brother!-it’s one of my favorites, too!image

First Day in the twos!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack started in his new classroom today!imageOur boy has a new routine and a more structured curriculum this year.  He’ll add chapel with Mr. Roger every Wednesday and will even be going on field trips!  Oohhh, I can’t wait to chaperone!imageHe started being a bit wiggly while I was snapping a few first day pics, so I asked him where his smile was.  He searched around in his book bag, grabbed his blanket out, and said, “Here it is, mama!”  Goofy boy!imageWe got to school, dropped Sam off, and then headed to Mrs. Geddis’ room at about 9:20 (mommy was told that class starts at 9:00-oops!).  This is the same room, and teacher, he’s with in the nursery on Sunday’s, so I thought drop off would be smooth.  Well, not so much.  For the most part, he’s never liked drop off (breaks my heart!) and today was no exception.  Real tears and everything.  Mrs. Geddis scooped him up and went on with Mail Delivery and I exited with lump in my throat.  I walked down the hall to say hello to his previous teacher (who so kindly said she’d give him an extra hug on the playground!) and then went back to peak at him.  He was already fine-he was handing out the mail!  Ok, guilt trip over.

When I picked him up, he ran straight to me with open arms!  Oh, I love that moment!!  I flipped through the first day paperwork to find his daily report, and it was a good one!  She noted that he fussed for a bit while I was there but then quickly settled down and willingly participated in circle time.  She said he loved his milk at lunch time (yep), had fun doing shaving cream art, took a great nap, and played nicely with his friends.  Good first day, little one!

We got home and started our new first day of school tradition-cookies and milk to talk about how the day went! (Well, that’s what it’s going to be, anyway!  I realized on Sunday night, when I started to make the cookies, that I didn’t have any butter.  So this year it was energy balls and milk-we loved it just the same!)imageimageWe’re so proud of you, Jack!  We hope you have a really great year with Mrs. Geddis and Mrs. Washington.  Remember your manners and your listening ears, and have so much fun playing and making new friends!  We love you! image

Uncle Adam!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uncle Adam and Lauren had a wedding in Tega Cay this weekend, so on the way back to Hilton Head, they stopped by for a visit!!  We had so much fun with them and really enjoyed meeting sweet Lauren!  Thanks for coming to see us…and for the yummy peaches!  Love you!imageimageimage


So, we headed upstairs to get ready for naps and to try to take more pictures of our big boy.  It started out all nice and calm,image and I thought maybe I’d get a cute one of the two of them.  They chatted about it (he, he! I love Sam’s eyes!),image imageAnd then they got crazy!  I love how big Jack makes Sam smile!imageimage “My brother’s gonna do what?”image “Oh, ok!  I’ll just watch for now.”image Sweet brothers!imageAnd then off they went to naps, but not before I got some more of the sweetest little thing around!  Look at that drool!image image

Better luck next time.

M:  “Jack, look at mommy, please.”
J:  “Mommy, I makin your food.  I busy”
M:  ”But buddy, there’s a monkey on my head!”
J:  ”Gasp!!!”image

I try.  And I won’t give up.  But I’ll also stand back and watch his little imagination at work-and take pictures of that.  Because when I do, man it’s so much fun!  I get to watch him problem solve and figure out for himself how things work.  I should get a Dictaphone for these times, though, because he says the funniest things-fun post to come!imageOf course it’s fun to watch him interact with Sam.  All the food was ‘too hot’ for Sam, so he gave him the lid to the ice cream container because ‘it won’t hurt Sam’s hands, mommy.’ imageHe still doesn’t get the pedal concept, but his two feet do the trick!imageAnd did you know you could make a T-Rex out of a teeny piece of play dough?  Take a look!image


Remember these pictures?  This was one of my favorite outfits that Jack wore.  It’s one of my favorites on Sam, too!imageimage image Love, love, LOVE those toes!imageI just wish I used the lighting better…imagebut I still want to just squeeze that face!image

Check out his skills!

He’s getting brave-he might be crawling on his hands and knees soon!image

Happy (half) birthday, sweet one!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Your best buddy Hane came over for supper and to celebrate your half birthday.  You two had a blast and were way too busy to actually smile for the camera-I had to catch what I could!imageWhen you were going to bed tonight, you told me your favorite part of the day was blowing out your birthday candles.  I love doing such little things that make you so happy.  I hope to always be intentional when it comes to being your momma.imageHappy half birthday to you, our two-and-a-HALF year old!!image


Friday, August 19, 2011

Sammy’s first time in the big boy tub!imageimage imageI think he liked it!image image