Welcome, Miss Madeline!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Jenn and Jim welcomed Miss Madeline Claire on Friday, April 16th at 9:52pm.  She was seven pounds two ounces, and so, so cute!  I got to celebrate her two week birthday today with her and her mommy-and we took some pictures! 


She is so loved already-not only by her family, but also by so many of her ‘aunts’!  Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!

Dear Grandpa,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My mommy said you called wondering what I was up to-take a look!

On Monday, I was dancing in the car on the way home from church because I was SO excited to play with my daddy and mommy!

After dinner, daddy made me a pillow fort to play in, and it was so neat!!  I even had fun making it crash!imageimageAnd then yesterday, when we were playing outside, I got my first real boo boo!  My mommy felt really, really bad and totally smothered me with kisses.  That made me feel better, but I think she’s still sad!imageWell, I miss you so much, too, and I can’t wait to go back to the beach with you! I can’t wait to see you next weekend!

I love you!

Baby bath time

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rub a dub dub-two cute cousins in a tub!photo[1]

Jack’s first trip to the beach

Mark is away at his annual golf trip with the guys, so Jack and I headed down to Charleston to spend the weekend with my family. Today, dad, Linds, Kendall, Jack and I went to the Isle of Palms for both babies’ first trip to the beach! It was drizzling a bit, pretty overcast, and windy, so we were only there for about fifteen minutes-enough time to dip his toes in, though! He wasn’t sure what to think of the soft sand at first, but once we got down closer to the shore, he had a good time!image imageimage His first steps into the ocean-with his grandpa!imageAunt Linds did a great job keeping Kendall dry and out of the wind! imageHeaded in with his mommy! imageimageHe actually went in further than I thought he would and splashed around a bit.imageHe sat down in the water and got all wet, so I took his shirt off. Poor baby- he was cold!image image imageimage imageEven though it was a short trip, it was a fun first trip to the beach! We can’t wait to go back and play with the beach toys grandma got for him!imageAnd by the way-Jack’s right front tooth broke through this weekend!

Eva and Anna

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mark and I watched Eva and Anna tonight while Mary Beth and Joey went to dinner-what a treat! 

We played outside for a bit, and then I went in to take some pictures of teeny little Anna!  It’s hard to believe just over a year ago my little baby was that little (well he actually started out three pounds more than her!)-time sure flies! image image image imageimageimageimageI love how she’s not grown in to her skin yet-I love those little legs!image She didn’t love all the pictures,imagebut after some love from her big sister,imageshe peeked at me,imagestuck her tongue out at me,  imageand gave me a teeny smile! image Thanks for being a good sport, Anna!  I had so much fun with you!image

Jack and his buddy Hane

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We met Hane and his parents at the soccer field after dinner to play, and they were so cute!  Not only are Hane’s parents our friends, but Jack and Hane are classmates at church.  It’s so fun to see them interact and have such fun together!imageimageimage imageimageimage

Fourteen Months Old

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My sweet boy, my 14 month old sweet boy!  You are our pride and joy, and each day you do something new to make us smile!  image image You have learned so much this month, buddy!  Not only are you running all over, but you’re talking so much!  You can pick out animals-cow, bear, cat, dog, pig-and you can tell us what a dog and a cow say.  It’s so cute! image You love, love to be outside and explore everything you come in contact with.  You put up a bit of a fuss when it’s time to come inside, but after we reassure you that we’ll go out again tomorrow, you end up being ok with that!image imageIf we’re not outside, you have fun playing with your toys.  You don’t seem to have a favorite just yet, and you still like to play with non-toys.  See the paper towel roll in your toy pile?!image We’re so thankful that you’re so happy!  You constantly smile and laugh, and we do this same in return!  This past month you’ve perfected giving the best hugs and kisses!  I’m talking squeeze our neck and nuzzle your head hugs and big open mouth kisses-we LOVE it!  When I dropped you off at day school the other day, you went to each of your friends and gave them big hugs-man it melted my heart!  First, I’m so happy to see that you love your friends, and second, I’m so proud that you’re understanding what it means to be kind to others.  That’s very important sweet thing.image image When we play in your room, one thing you love to do is pull all the blankets and quilts down and pretend to go to sleep.  The other day, daddy and I laid down side by side, and you brought us each a blanket!  So funny!imageYou still love to hide or play peek-a-boo and have us ask, “Where’s Jack??”,imageyou’re still super silly,  image and you still think your daddy hung the moon!  Me too, sweet boy!imageJack, you are my sunshine, and I pray for your little heart every day!  We thank God that you call us daddy and mommy-those words bring us indescribable joy coming from your little lips!

We love you more than words can say, buddy, buddy!
Daddy and Mommy