Halloween Night

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well, our Halloween Night wasn’t filled with trick-or-treating with friends like we’d planned, but it was perfect anyway.  After Jack’s party, I left for work.  He was going to stay for lunch and a nap and then I was going to get him around 3:00.  Well, right when he woke up, he told his teacher he was cold-which meant he had a fever.  A fever of 103!  They loved on him until I came to scoop him up.  Thankfully, the fever went away with a dose of Tylenol.  SO, knowing that they wouldn’t have the traditional Halloween Night fun, Mark decided on something different.  We ordered pizza and a movie and made a big pallet and forts in the living room.  And they got to eat in the living room-A BIG DEAL!!imageimageimageI put a bowl of candy out front so our door bell wouldn’t ring all night, so the best part was when Jack saw it!  The pizza man rang the doorbell, Jack ran to open the door, and he said, “WHOA!! Look at all that candy someone brought!!”  Ha!  I told him about the trick-or-treaters, and he wanted to wait for one.  It was so cute!imageimageimageThen he asked Sam to come outside to check out the candy.  They thought it was great mixing it all up.  Oh, the simple things!imageSo, no trick-or-treating this year, but it was a fun Halloween Night with my three boys!

Cowboys and Princesses, Oh My!

Jack had his first Trick or Treat parade at EDS this morning, and I’m so glad I was there!  I can remember the parades when I was little, and they were always so fun.  Another mommy dream come true seeing one of our littles walking along!imageimageAll his sweet little friends looked so cute and seemed to be loving it!imageimageimageJack’s class…imageimageimageThey paraded through the lower hall and then went back to class for the party.  But before they sat down, the moms got them together for another group picture.  I told Jack I was staying for the party, and when we got them lined up, he thought I was leaving.  Below, see skeptical Cowboy!imageAll was well when the party started!imageEven sweet Callie girl (Jack’s crush!) poked her head in to say hey!imageIt was such a great morning with our t-tiny, and the perfect way to start our Halloween!  The sad part, though, was that I missed Sam’s parade and party!  Thankfully Clark was there to love on him!  She said he didn’t have his pumpkin to collect candy.  He was just walking around saying hey to everyone.  Sounds like Sam!image

Boo at the Zoo

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Cowboy and Indian and I headed to the Zoo to meet the Lees and the Newtons for another year of fun at Boo at the Zoo.  We picked a great night and a great time-not too crowded at all!imageimageThis was Sam’s first Boo at the Zoo, and he was having a blast-at first.  When you walk in to the Zoo, you hear fun Halloween music, and Sam was jammin!imageimageHe even followed his big brother to trick-or-treat…once.imageSee his glare?  He was staring at the approaching skeleton boy, complete with mask, and he lost it!  Poor guy was really scared!imageimageHe pepped up when our friends got there, imagebut when I put him down, he was not thrilled.imageMr. JP scooped him up,imageand he spent the rest of the night tucked safely next to Patrick.  He was a good spectator from then on!imageThe big kids made the rounds,imageimageimageimageimageand then the babies had had enough so we called it a night!imageWe’re so thankful to have the Zoo close by.  They host some great events!

Carving our pumpkins

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tonight was carving night, because, you know, it’s almost Halloween!  How did October fly by?!  These are the two that we carved.  One little boy was very excited-I almost didn’t get a before picture!imageThe set-up…imageand Jack cleaning out the little one.  He was loving it!  This is the first year he’s actually liked this part.imageimageimageSam, on the other hand, was confused as to why Mark was asking him to stick his hands in the guts.  So funny!imageJack stayed pretty busy, and Sam joined in once we got him a big spoon.imageimageimageimageimageimageThe pumpkins were all clean, so it was time to carve.  Sam was completely uninterested by this point, so he grabbed a good book.  imageWe’re pretty traditional pumpkin carvers.  As a matter of fact, the small pumpkin is pretty much what we did last year!imageBut unlike last year, we got plenty of pumpkin seeds!  Yum!!!  imageJack asked Mark to light up our new jack-o-lanterns right away, and he starred at them in awe.  And that lasted two seconds!  Of course he wanted to blow out the candles!imageimageIt sure was a fun family night!imageimage