A few things

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because they grow and change so quickly, I wanted to get pictures of a few of the everyday things the boys are doing now.

Sam loves to get, and put away, his (or anyone’s) shoes.  He’s starting to try to put them on by himself-unsuccessfully so far.  His next step is to give them to me saying, “Shoes, shoes, shoes!”imageimageHe also LOVES his daddy!  Lately, he’s been finding a piece of Mark’s clothing, a sock, belt, shirt, shorts, and either carrying it around after Mark’s left for work or asking for it to be “on, on, on!”  He walked around like this for a good minute or two!  imageThis one-he LOVES his daddy, too!  One of Mark’s favorite times of the day is when he comes home and Jack runs to him, arms wide open, screaming, “Daddy!”  It is so. sweet!  Well, some days Jack cuts out the running part and just waits and watches.  The other day, he laid on the front couch just staring out the window.  He said, “I’m dus gonna watch for daddy.  He’ll be home in ONE minute.”  This is what he was doing today.  Waiting by the front door…watching Cars 2!  I think that makes Mark’s heart swell, too!imageimageThis part will come as no surprise.  Jack’s still loving Buzz.  We play Toy Story all the time.  “Not today, Zurg” and “Evil Doctor Porkchop” are popular choices, imageimagebut “To Infinity and Beyond!” is still the favorite. imageimageMan, I love these two-and the funny things they do!


I uploaded all my Instagram pictures tonight and remembered this one.  It’s one of my very favorite pictures of the two of them.imageJack and Sam, I pray that you would always take care of each other, have so much fun together, and know that daddy and I think you’re two of the neatest people around.  Love you boys.  More than words can say.

the pool

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our kind neighbor was heading out of town for the long weekend and asked us to enjoy his pool-ok!  imageI dunked Jack once, and he didn’t like it-at all.  He told me he didn’t have swimming lessons yet and that he’d be able to do that afterward, “just like Katherine.”  Lessons with Coach Heath are coming up, so we’re hoping to have a swimmer by the end of summer!

Happy, happy, happy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sam is such a sweet, funny, happy, happy boy!  I love, love our bedtime routine, and it’s getting longer and longer because I just don’t want him out of my sight!  Tonight, I put him down and then grabbed my camera.  Just look at this fun boy! (I know the picture quality is awful, but I think the sweet face makes up for it!)imageimageimageimageimageimageimageI mean, how can I walk away from this!  Thank you, God, for this awesome boy!imageCurrent favorite books to remember:
“Llama, Llama!”  (Llama, Llama Wakey Wake and Nighty Night)
”Jesus” (Jesus Loves You)
”Moon” (Goodnight Moon)
”Truck” (That’s not my Truck and a words book with a truck on the front)

Slip ‘n Slide!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yep, we got one.  And they LOVED it!  Well, Jack really loved it, and Sam played with it a bit and then moved on.  Man was it fun to watch smiles spread across those faces-no matter that it wasn’t even working right!  And maybe I took a picture or two! :)imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageWater Angels!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageThis little climber climbed into the fort by himself for the first time tonight!  So proud!imageimageThis boy-oooohhh!!  He’s just hilarious, silly, and such a love bug!  He’s big in to giving hugs right now which we all just SOAK. UP!imageLove him.imageLOVE him.imageLOVE HIM!!  And I’m gonna eat him up!imageHis diaper was so wet from sitting in the water that he couldn’t slide down.  He’d just scoot down with his legs, climb back up, and start again!imageimageOf course what’s after dinner play time without a ride in the Jeep.  Before Sam’s even finished with dinner, he’s usually saying, “Jeep! Jeep! Jeep!”.  I need to get it on video!imageIt was time to go in for baths, so Jack took his wet clothes off and ran to Mark saying, “Warm me up, daddy!  You warm me better than the sun!”imageLooking forward to more nights like this!

Girl’s weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

For my momma’s 60th birthday, Dad, Adam, Linds, and I surprised her with a girl’s weekend in Atlanta!  We told her where we were staying and that she had a massage on Saturday morning, but that’s all she knew.  The other big surprise-Aunt Betsy, Kenzie, and Lauren were in on it, too!  We were so excited!  We were all texting all the way to Atlanta to plan the surprise, and it ended up working out perfectly-she was shocked!image We had such a fun weekend full of shopping, great conversations, the AMAZING Georgia Aquarium, and most of all, celebrating my wonderful mommy!  Kenzie’s recap was perfect, so click here and you’ll feel like you were there!image image image I’m so thankful for my amazing family and the fun we always have together. I mean, what could be more fun than salmon fishing in the Yemen? Ha! (Totally had to be there, but this is totally hilarious! Right, Tess?!?!)image image image And we had such a blast celebrating one amazing lady!  You so deserved this weekend, momma, and much, MUCH more!  I love you so much, and I hope you felt it!imageJust like that, our weekend of fun was over.  I really am not a good good-bye person, so I just said see you in July!  I can’t wait for the next time we’re all together!  Happy Birthday, momma!image

And it goes without saying that I missed my boys like crazy, but I’m so thankful to Mark for this weekend treat!  Thanks for making it happen, babe, and thanks for the fun pictures!  I especially love this one of Jack’s nap on Saturday.  That crazy baby!image