West Farm

Sunday, September 30, 2012

They boys and I went home to my parents for the weekend and, along with Linds and the kids, made a trip to West Farm.  It was SO. FUN!!  Fall is the start of my favorite two seasons, and, wow, this was a great way to kick it off!  Sweet Ethan wasn’t feeling his best, but he was quite the trooper and seemed to enjoy himself, too!imageimageI love a good farm field trip, and West Farm was prepared to impress, for sure.  They had some new-to-us things to do, and a favorite was the corn box!  How fun is this!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageOf course there were fun farm animals.imageimageimageimageimageThere was a little hay maze and a big corn maze,imagethis one wasn’t in to the maze,imageand an apple slingshot!  Another favorite!imageWe took some pictures with the scarecrows,imageimageand then hunted for the perfect pumpkin to paintimageimageimageand got to work!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageSam got a bit messy with the paint and Jack noticed.imageHe walked to Sam’s paint, dipped his finger in the red, and was about to pretend Sam was his pumpkin!  Goodness!imageInstead of washing just his hands in the trough, Sam thought he should go for the whole head!  It cooled him off, too, so we’ll say it was a good idea!imageMore of our fun tomorrow…

Fall fun!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We had  such a great time at West Farm today!  What a way to start off our Fall fun!imageI have about a million pictures from the fun day, so much more to come!

These brothers

Sunday, September 23, 2012

These brothers sure can be mischievous (and I’m going to have to realize that they will wrestle each other), imageimagebut wow do they love each other!imageimageWe like to tell the boys three things we love about them, so the other night I asked Jack three things he loves about Mark, Sam, and me.  Sam’s were: “1. That he follows me 2. That he do’s what I do. and 3. That he plays with my toys.  That’s three!”  Be still, my heart!image

Playing after nap

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It was time to wake up from nap, and as I headed upstairs, I heard the boys already playing.  Naturally, I grabbed my camera and watched through the crack in the door!imageimageI love to watch when they don’t know I’m watching!

I’ve been spotted!imageimage

Thumbs up! Knuckles!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

These two have many ways to say, “We’re doin’ good!”imageimageimageimageimage

‘Until next time’ playdate at the park

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our sweet friends Anne Carter and Cate are moving to Asheville very soon, so we all got together for one last big group playdate before they go.  We’re going to miss those sweet girls-and their mommy and daddy, too!imageClark and Jeri brought cupcakes, and Sam was more than pleased!  See him licking those icing covered fingers?  Gross, I know.imageMary Mac and Will!imageRhys and Caroline (and I just missed Drennon!) were climbing, so Elizabeth wanted in on the fun!imageWham climbing high and Danner smiling big!imageElizabeth, Mary Mac, and Katherine sure made Anne Carter feel loved!imageimageOf course the swings were a big hit.  Here’s Walker,imageOliver, and Sam just enjoying the breeze!imageimagePatrick-he’s a little flirt!  So happy with his momma!imageEveryone loves the see-saw, sweet Charlotte and Danner,imageand the fire truck.imageSweet Alston!  She’s only six days younger than Sam.  Hey Grace, should we talk about an arranged marriage? :)imageHillis was so sweet with the little ones!imageimageimageMac and Jack digging for treasure (and finding a crayon!) and ordering some ice cream from the Reed girls.imageimageKaki and John-yumm, cupcakes!!imagePart of the crew!imageAs I was saying my good-byes, the boys thought they needed a few more minutes.imageAnd then they found the barely-on splashpad sprinkler and got really dirty.  Sand, icing, and now wet.  Boys.  Love ‘em.imageAnne Carter and Cate, we know you’ll make some wonderful new friends in Asheville!  They’ll be so lucky to have you!  We’ll miss you-until next time!