Frank’s back!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jack’s Christmas Elf, Frank, came back to visit us today marking the start of the Advent Season! Mark reminded him of why Frank came, and Jack’s biggest concern was about him making a mess! His daddy reassured him that we would clean it up if Frank did, indeed make a mess.image Once that was settled, it was hugs and kisses for Frank! We look forward to a fun Season with this little elf!imageimage

The playground

We had some major little boy energy to run off after decorating the tree and taking a long nap, so we headed to the playground at church.  He ran all. over. like he owned the place!  We were the only ones there, so I guess that was fine!imageimage imageimageimageimage imageHe spotted each ‘airpane’ that went by and stopped to watch it every time!  When he can’t see it any more, he asks me, “Where it go, mommy?” and I always tell him “to it’s destination.” I love hearing him try to say destination! imageimageAt one point he walked me over to my purse and said, “Camera in here, mommy.”  Point taken, little one!  So I put my camera away-and we played.imageI couldn’t ask for more.

Finding our Tree

Christmas decorating is in full swing around here, so we made our way out to find our perfect tree!  We didn’t make it to the Farmer’s Market like we did last year (they’re closed on Sunday’s), but I did still get to see him go up and down the aisles of trees!imageimageIt didn’t take long and we spotted the perfect one!imageimage Love him!image He watched the nice men prepare our tree for us, and then we were off!imageHe helped his daddy set it up, and when I started putting the lights on, he helped me with that, too!  image He wanted to spread the Christmas cheer to his toys and thought his car and wagon could use some lights! imageimage

Jack’s new trick

From my phone

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It’s been a great Thanksgiving weekend so far!  We’ve been able to enjoy a lot of family time and take Jack to do a few of his favorite things!image

Christmas lights!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I got the pencil tree up in the front room tonight, and Jack loved it!!  When we were in the family room away from the tree, he grabbed both our hands, walked us up front, and then sat down in front of the tree just looking up at the lights!  Oh, I love it!!  I love seeing the world through his eyes-soaking in the Christmas Season with him is going to be wonderful! imageHe also wanted to dance in front of the tree, so he got his Leapfrog and turned on some tunes!  He’s so funny!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mark, Jack, and I were happy to host both of our families again this year for a Thanksgiving dinner, and we sure have a lot to be thankful for!  I recently read that a heart of gratitude leads to happiness-isn’t that so true!  I’m so grateful for all that God has blessed us with, but my pregnant self is tearing up just thinking of it all, so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking!imageimageThese two turkeys bring an extra something special to the holidays (and every day!!), so we all had a great time playing with them.image imageimageimageEven Regal came!!  He’s the sweetest, biggest thing!  This little girl had no fear, but her cousin was another story.  Regal, he really does like you!  As soon as you left, he kept asking where you went and saying that he needed to get you water because you were thirsty!imageimageimageWe made turkey handprint cards-I promise Jack was asking to paint even though it appears otherwise-but missed a picture of Kendall making hers.  They turned out really cute, and the ones with both of their little hands is too sweet!  I love that Linds and I get to raise our babies together!imageimageWe even had a Pilgrim and an Indian at our Thanksgiving Feast!imageimageThank you all for making the trip to Columbia and for making our dinner extra yummy and extra special!  We are so thankful for each of you!image We love you!
Mark, Michelle, and Jack

Christmas card pictures-first attempt

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After church on Sunday, we tried to get a picture for our Christmas cards.  So here are some sweet ones from our first try.imageimageimageAnd no, he wasn’t being the perfect little model and standing still for me as I snapped away.  In full disclosure, this is what he was doing most of the time-enjoying being able to run, run, run!! imageWe tried again on Monday, and I got the one!  Of course you’ll have to wait to see what we chose.  I’m weird like that-surprises and all.

Our Little Indian

imageimageand his favorite Indian Chief!!image

36 Weeks

Monday, November 22, 2010

-and a few days-oops.  We’re just over 36 weeks along now, and this pregnancy continues to fly by.  I’m feeling great and very thankful for that.  I love being able to run around with Jack, and I don’t take that for granted! imageI had another doctor’s appointment today, and all is well!  I’ve started making progress, but that was the same story with Jack, so I know that doesn’t really say anything about when this little one will arrive.  No matter-I better buy some teeny diapers and wash some teeny clothes!

Twenty-One Months Old

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My sweet little one, you're another month older already!  While I know that I'll blink my eyes and it'll be time to drop you off for your first day of kindergarten, you don't seem to be changing quite as much these days, and I'm so thankful for that!imageI know that when your baby brother is born next month, you'll seem huge to me, but for now I'm soaking up all the little babyness that I still see in you.imageI can never seem to put into words how amazing your daddy and I think you are-we're so thankful to be your parents!  You're funny, sweet, sometimes stubborn, silly, and so loving.  You say and do the funniest things and keep us laughing, little one!  If you’ve made a mess while eating or got out a lot of toys at once, you'll look at your food/toys and say, "I make a mess!" Sometimes you’ll look at me and say, "Clean it, mommy!"  That either means you want me to clean your hands or the table or that you want my help picking up your toys.  Either way, I think you've got a little of my 'clean-as-you-go' and 'everything-has-it's-place' mentality-yay!!imageYou are definitely all boy, and we’re really seeing your little imagination at work.  We love to watch you play and see what you come up with!  You love to play Cowboys and Indians, and when you 'get us', you come give us a kiss to 'wake us up'-and then get us all over again!  You still love to be a golfer and love the football, and you still love your books.  You love, love to play with your daddy, and the two of you are so funny!  Tonight, you were laughing so hard that you could hardly catch your breath!  Man alive, that melts my heart!! imageWe had your first parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago, and it went so well!  Among other things, Ms. Gayatri told me that you love to help clean up (yep-you love the vacuum and broom), love to play with the golf club and Hane on the playground (yep), and love to listen to the books in circle time (yep).  imageYou're the youngest in your class, so you're picking up on all sorts of new words from the older kids.  She said you're all in the 'mine' stage and that, as a class, you’re working on sharing.  We do that a good bit at home, too, to get you ready to share with your little brother!  She also said that if a classmate gets hurt and starts to cry, you go over and try to console them.  I love your tender little heart!imageWe haven't had to do much disciplining just yet, but when we do, time-outs seem to work.  You definitely don't like them, but after we've made you sit down for a minute, you're ready to hug and say sorry.  I'm sure we'll be practicing that more in the coming months, but that's to be expected, and we'll work through it together!imageEven though you're about to be a big brother, you'll always be my first t-tiny and the one who made us parents.  We love you to the moon and back and thank God for you each day!

We love you!
Daddy and Mommy