Trick or Treat Parade

Monday, October 31, 2011

The boys had their trick or treat parade at school today-so. cute!  The courtyard was lined with moms and dads-with cameras!-waiting for the cuteness to start, and who did we see come first?  This sweet little one who, at first, was completely oblivious to the whole thing!imageHe caught my eye when they made the turn, and his face lit up-and my heart melted!imageHis teacher put his mask on for a picture.  It was hilarious!  I really never meant for him to wear it for real, just on his forehead.  He left it on for about two seconds and then he tore it off.  He didn’t mind it (didn’t notice it?) on his forehead, though!image Jack had the complete opposite reaction during his first parade.  I cried, too.  (Mom, do you remember the phone call you got after that parade?!  I felt like the worst mom EVER-leaving my crying baby all scared and overwhelmed!)  Last year wasn’t much better, and I have no pictures.  That should say something!imageThis year, though, he did better (I guess there was nowhere to go but up!)!  He was definitely looking for me, and he found me, so he came over and gave me a hug.imageThen, with a lot of encouragement, he continued to walk with his friends!  And he had fun!image image imageWe saw Snow White (Gussie), a cute little pig (Madge), Batman (Mac) and so many more!  They were all too, too cute!image They made the final turn of the parade, and Jack decided he was no longer loving it.  He detoured my way.imageSam?  Soaking it up! imageWhat a fun little treat on Halloween morning! 

The Mountains!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a wonderful weekend!  Mark and I keep talking about what a great time we had with some really great friends!  They’re the kind of friends that you can do nothing with or get really silly with and, either way, have the time of your life.  We’re so thankful for all of them!  imageWe went to the game on Saturday, Go Gamecocks!!, and got to see my cousins, Lauren and Kenzie.  Kenz’s house is so cute, and they’re both soaking up the fun of college!  So great to see you two, and so proud of you both!imageWe missed Liz at the game, but she’s a devoted Tiger, so she enjoyed their game from the cozy, warm cabin!imageimage Thanks for the beyond wonderful weekend, guys!  We HAVE to do it again before the game in two years.  How about the Spring?  I’m serious!  And thank you, mom and dad, for taking such great care of our boys so we could enjoy a weekend away!  You’re such a blessing to us, too!image

The pumpkin artist

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So, the plan was to carve the momma and daddy pumpkins, but when a squirrel made his lunch out of one of the big ones, I decided we'd paint it instead.  imageWe were already going to paint the little two (except one of the those was lunch, too!), so this gave Jack a bigger canvas!  I wanted to let Sam get a little messy, too, but we kind of squeezed the pumpkin painting in after church tonight, and Sam was already asleep.  Next year, buddy!image imageWe were running out of daylight, so we added a bit more yellow-and came away with a pretty picture, too!  Bonus for me!imageimage Washable paint-probably not the best choice if you want your paint to actually stay on the pumpkin, but great choice if you want your clothes to come clean!  And I love how they turned out!  I think the trick-or-treaters will really like your pumpkins, buddyimage

The crawler

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of this cuteness.  Watching a baby crawl is one of my favorite things!  It’s just so sweet-and it doesn’t last long!imageimageimage imageimageimageThe big brother offered a pat on the back and then they talked about how cool pockets are.image Love you, our little crawler!image

From my phone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love Instagram. That is all.image1. He loved his pumpkin from his first field trip. Unfortunately, a squirrel ate it. 2. and 3. Impromptu zoo trip after school. SO fun! 4. Super Hero practice. 5. Kendall having fun at the pumpkin patch. I wish we could go together! 6. Saturday morning fun with daddy. Frankies is always a hit with Jack, and the photo booth photos were a hit with mommy! 7. and 8. Chick-fil-a for supper-what a treat! 9. Another Pinterest project. Jack loved it so much he asked to sleep in it! 10. Smiley boy on the way to school. 11. Have I mentioned that they two melt my heart? 12. Super excited super hero on the way to Boo at the Zoo. 13. Practicing his standing skills with a camera in his face. 14. This boy loves a car wash!

Boo at the Zoo

Monday, October 24, 2011

Always such a fun night!  Jack got all geared up, and he and I met up with Mary Mac and Katherine for a fun night at the Zoo.  Sam missed out this year, but he’ll love it next year!image image image We checked out a few animals, but most of them were sleeping already,image so they got serious about Trick or Treating!  They all did a great job walking up to the stations and holding their bags out, but they didn’t quite get that they should say “trick or treat” and “thank you”.  There was lots of prompting from the moms.  Maybe next year.image image Gratitude comes in many forms, though.  You could tell they were thankful-they were enjoying their candy all. night. long!  As soon as they got a piece, they were asking us to open it!  Not the best idea, but it’s one night a year!  image image imageWe enjoyed the weather, all the decorations, and a few more animals,image and we loved running into more friends!  Emmaline was the cutest little chicken you’ve ever seen!image The pumpkin patch was great!imageimageimageimage They gathered more goodies,image ate them,imageand caught a ride on their elephant friend. imageHane met up with us after a bit-we were so glad to see him!image There was a monster dance party going on, and Katherine was feeling it!  She was the dancin’est giraffe ever and it was precious!    imageEmmaline was breakin’ it down, too (I missed a picture of her literally break dancing!), and Jack and Mary Mac were feeling a little (very little) groove.  They mostly watched and then decided it was time to go. imageWe had such a great time with such sweet friends.  I’m so proud of our little trick or treater-and this is just the beginning!  He kept his super hero mask on the entire time which I couldn’t believe.  So excited for this time of year!