20 weeks

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Half way there already!  It’s hard to believe, but it’s so exciting!  I’ve been feeling great for a couple weeks now and haven’t gotten sick, so hopefully this pregnancy will be like the last and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out!

I felt some really good kicks at 18 weeks, and then Mark felt them two days later!  I love, love that!!  Keep it up, sweet little baby

We have our big anatomy scan on Monday, so we’re praying for a great report!  Can’t wait to see that sweet baby squirming all around!

This little one…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This little one is at an age where he is mostly disinterested in my camera.  My silly noises don’t get his attention, my animal noises don’t work, and my “What’s on mommy’s head??” only sometimes makes him curious.  imageHe’d much rather explore his little world, and I love that!  So, I’m going with his flow and working on capturing him in action.imageI’m all too aware that before I know it, he’ll be two and then ten and then in college!!, and I don’t want to forget any of it!  I want to soak up as much of our first born as I can, because we think he’s amazing! imageI love when he discovers something new and is so excited to share it with me.  Playing with him really does open my eyes to so many little things and allows me to see our little corner of the world in new ways-what a gift!imageThere are so many things about his t-tiny baby-ness that I love, love!  I love that his sippy cup is almost as big as his face.  I love how his teeny hands look when he claps.  I love his little baby squat-looks like good exercise, and yet that’s one of his favorite ways to check things out. image I love that he gets down from whatever he’s climbed on backwards.imageI love him and I’m so thankful for him.  Looking at him, I know that God is so good!image

From my phone

I’m having fun taking pictures of my sweet boy with the new app for my phone! Here’s some of Jack’s day -Polaroid style!
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imageI have learned that the pictures look better and less grainy when you have more light.

Love him-no matter the mood!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jack was not AT ALL interested in his dinner tonight, and he wanted to make that clear! But he also wanted to make sure to love on his mommy!! I could eat him up!

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iPhone pictures taken with Shake it Photo app. Polaroid look-a-likes!

My little helper

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think Jack’s going to be a great little helper when the baby gets here.  He can already throw dirty diapers in the trash can, and now we’re showing him how to take him/her on walks in the stroller!  (I kid!!)image He thinks it’s just a big play toy, anyway, used to climb on and relax in.imageimageimageSilly boy!image

Story time

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is how he picks the stories for the night,imageand then he climbs up into his chair and curls up with a good book! imageimageimageAnd then I quickly grab that boy and squeeze in as many story time snuggles as I can get!

Seventeen Months Old

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jack, it seems like overnight you went from a seven month old to a seventeen month old-yep, you’re already almost a year and a half!image I can hardly stand that you keep growing, but then you get even better, say new things, and are even more fun-if that’s possible!image Daddy and I love to come get you in the morning for breakfast! Every once and a while you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but this is usually what we see. The sweetest face reaching for us with the sweetest things to say!imageYou point out the window and say bird or tree or something else that you see. We ask if you’re ready for breakfast and you say, “Meee!”, your sweet version of please! You have really good manners right now, saying please all the time and working on thank you, but we know we have to keep reinforcing that so that you’ll grow to be a polite and respectful little boy! imageYou’re really into your books right now. You have some favorites, but you also love to page through any that you pull from your bookshelf. Grandma and Grandpa brought you an animal pop-up book the other weekend, and, while you love it, we had to put that one away for now-you ripped the poor gorilla’s head off! (Sorry G&G!) imageYou also love watching short videos with daddy. Your favorites are the Riverbanks Zoo Animals video and the Wiggles videos. I love watching you snuggle with your daddy, and boy do you love being with him! You think he hung the moon, little guy-me too! He’s such a great daddy to you, and we’re both so lucky to have him! If we ask you who you want to take you to Day School, you’ll go sit in your daddy’s lap or ask for him to pick you up, and then you’ll quickly say bye-bye to me and give me a kiss. This would make me totally jealous, but when he can’t take you, you cry for a short few seconds and then you and I have a fun morning playing! image You’re still such a little explorer and love to be outside. I’m use to you getting a little dirty-you. are. all. BOY! You’ll pick up a pile of dirt or bark and relocate it to what you think is a better place for it. It’s funny to watch!imageimageYou’re a people pleaser and come by it rightly. You’ll waive at strangers while we’re in Target and after you check them out a bit, you’ll smile. Melts my heart. Oh, and everyone seems to comment on your blonde, blonde hair! You’ll throw things away for us, jump (so cute!!), give high fives, hugs and kisses, say cheese, bring things to us, and show us your teeth, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, belly, toes, head, chin, and hair and point to ours as well. Here’s you showing me your tongue!imageThese two pictures just make me laugh! “Mom, what’s this poking me in the head?” image The craziest thing you’ve started this past month-potty training. Yep. It’s been about three weeks now, and you’ve been doing great! We’ve been getting reports from Day School that your diaper-or pull up!-is dry all day except after your naps. When we ask you if you have to go potty, you say, “Meee!” I’m not sure yet if this is a phase or if you’re really ready. This is totally on your terms-we are not pushing this by any means! Either way, you’re still just a t-tiny baby to me. I’ve had a bit of a hard time with this because you’re already growing up so fast-I feel like if you’re no longer in diapers and not even two years old, your babyness will slip by before I’m ready. Actually I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, but I’ll be supporting you every step of the way! You continue to amaze me, sweet boy.imageMost importantly, I love you so much! Sometimes I feel like my heart could just burst out of my chest when I look at you! Messy face, pouty face, fussy face, smiley face-it doesn’t make a difference. You’re mine. I’m so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy!imageWe love you more than words can say, little one!
Daddy and Mommy

Who needs a spoon?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jack has been practicing eating with a spoon for a while now, but I’ve always held the bowl that he’s eating from.  Tonight it was all him, and he loved it! imageHe used his fingers first,imageimageimagemoved on to his spoon,imageand then decided the spoon wasn’t necessary and just brought the bowl right to his face!   Silly boy!imageimage He seemed very happy with how that idea turned out for him!image This is where he puts his t-tiny toes when he eats.  I love it!imageOne more try to get all the applesauce-image and all gone!imageIt was a fun dinner time for all, and a fun, much needed, bath time, too!

More teeth!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

(CORRECTION!!  Jack let me investigate his teeth a little bit tonight, 7/15, and what I thought was a molar was actually tooth number eight.  It’s the one next to his eye tooth, so I felt the two sides and thought it was a molar.  Not quite yet!)

imageAfter Jack’s first six teeth, we had a bit of a break in finding new ones, but now we seem to be on a roll!  Number seven came through just over a week ago, yesterday we found number eight, and today we found his first molar.  He just keeps right on growing!

And of course he won’t let me take pictures of the new pearly whites, so I caught him playing with his blocks instead.  He kept putting them in the cup and shaking it until they popped out-notice his blurry hand!

Kendall-Six Months

Happy half birthday, sweet girl!image imageimage imageimage