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Saturday, October 31, 2015


In his crib

He loved it and did great!  image

Another fun one from tonight…image

Halloween Night!

We had so much fun tonight!  We started at the Albion block party and then headed out to trick or treat for a bit.  We don’t make it to too many houses-the boys love coming home and handing out candy!  Loved tonight!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Sideline experience

Friday, October 30, 2015

We won a Father/Son sideline experience and the chance to lead the team out of the tunnel at the Hammond Auction back in February.  Jack loved pretty much every minute of it-and so did we!  It was such a treat to watch him take it all in!imageJack and Mark even got to go into the wrestling barn to listen to the pregame talk and then walk out with the team!imageHe was so nervous at first!  I saw him sizing up the big football players and could tell he was unsure. image I gave him a thumbs up, he put on his helmet, and he was ready to go.  I think.  He took a few pretty deep breaths…imageand then it was time to run!!  Oh, I had the biggest butterflies in my tummy and then the biggest tears in my eyes!  I just know this will be him for real in no time!  Thankful for the NOW!imageimageWe found big Sam!  How fun is this to have this picture!  Can’t believe big Sam is old enough for this!imageMr. Angel, Headmaster, was so amazing to Jack!  He was looking out for him the whole time and getting him as involved as he could.  He picked him up to bring him into a huddle and see the plays being called.  What a treat!  We wrote him a thank you note the next day!imageimageHe was having the best time hanging with the big football players!  What a dream come true for this football-loving first grader!  The football players were all so polite and well mannered-even on the football field!  We’re so thankful for the Hammond community and all our kids will learn here, in and out of the classroom!  Loved this nightimage

Six-month well check

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

All is well!  Praise God!image

Weight:  18 pounds, 14 ounces (74th percentile)
Height:  28 inches (93rd percentile)

SIX Months!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy half-birthday, sweet George!  Cannot believe it’s true, but here we are!Time is just flying by-I pray I don’t miss any of it and remember all of it!image

George, you are so happy!  All we need to do is look your way and your face lights up!  It’s such a treat!  We’re so grateful for how laid back and patient you are!  What a perfect addition to our family you are, sweet one!image

You still nurse four times a day and once at night.  We’ve tried food in the past couple weeks, a few times, and you are not a fan yet.  We’ll keep trying!image

You also still wake in the middle of the night which is a first for our four babies.  I’m choosing to look on the bright side and soak up the cuddles and the one-on-one middle of the night sweetness!  It’s just to eat a bit and then you fall right back to sleep.  I think you wake because you don’t have enough room in your pram!  And also because I can hear you in our closet and I don’t want you to wake daddy!  We’re almost done with the renovation, and you’ll have your own room!image

You’re starting to sit up on your own-can’t believe it!  When daddy holds you hands to help you stand, you giggle so much and are so proud!  I love it!image

You have one tooth already with a second one on the way-what?!  Youngest baby so far!image

Everyone loves you to pieces, precious George, and we’re so grateful you’re ours!  Your siblings want to snuggle you up every chance they get and I melt watching it!  They love you so much.  What a blessing to have each other!  I love you more than words can say, our sweet boy, but Jesus loves you more!

Back again!

Friday, October 23, 2015


The pumpkin patch!

Monday, October 19, 2015

The pumpkin patch!  We go here like it’s a playground!  We love going to the pumpkin patch!imageimage

Blowing Rock

We took a family trip to the mountains this past weekend, and it was so sweet!  George’s first time!  It’s always nice to get away together!imageMargaret put herself to nap one afternoon.  And it turns out, this was the end of her paci, too!  We couldn’t find it when we got home, and she did just fine without it!  I found it today, but I’m not giving it back.  That was easy!imageimage



First time swinging!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

He loved it so much!imageimage