Four Months Old

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Four months old! Time is flying-’tis true, sweet one!  You are just a bundle of love and sweetness and joy!  And those toes!  Please look at those toes!  You think they’re so fun to look at, but you haven’t yet realized that they’re yours!imageimageOne thing you do that I don’t remember the boys doing is suck on your fingers and hands. You like the paci ok, but you love to put your hands in your mouth. You’ve even sucked your thumb a few times!imageYou love to talk! It’s so fun to listen to you chat with your friends while you’re in your bouncy seat or us when we change your diaper and you’re looking up with your beautiful blue eyes! And you laugh, too! Such sweet sounds! Sam likes to, “make her laugh, mommy! Let’s make her laugh!” Those brothers of yours, they sure do love you!imageYou’re trying to roll over, but you get stuck midway. You’ll have it in no time! You don’t see your toes much, but you saw them today while we were taking pictures and you couldn’t stop staring at them! I don’t think you know they’re yours, and are always there!, yet because you haven’t grabbed for them or tried to eat them. I’m sure they’ll be in your mouth before we know it!imageYou still wear a size one diaper and a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. Our little one! I love that your fists are still tightly clinched. I love that you still pull your legs up to your tummy and put your arms up straight when you stretch. I love that you’re still so little. I just love you!imageYou are such a little blessing to our family! God knew we needed you. You are worth everything we experienced, every pain, every prayer answered in “Wait”, everything. Kissing you, holding you, praying over YOU! God’s plans are perfect! We love you more than words can say, Margaret! And Jesus loves you more!imageimage

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