Five Months Old!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five months, sweet pea!  You have been the sweetest thing and such a blessing to add to our family!  Daddy and I still comment on how we can’t believe you’re a girl!  Such fun!imageYou don’t have much hair right now, just like your brothers at this age, so no bows yet.  But, bonnets!  I’m loving all your bonnets!  Your hair is growing, so I know we’ll get to wear bows before too long.  But in the mean time, and even when you get hair!, we’ll be wearing these sweet, girly bonnets!imageWe moved to size two diapers and you wear three to six and six month clothes.  You’re still tiny to us, and we love it!  imageYou’re grabbing at toys and your paci and you’ve grabbed your toes a few times.  You don’t really know they’re yours, but it’s fun to see you grab them!  imageYour brothers entertain you all. the. time!  They dance for you, sing to you, bring you things…it’s so fun to see!  You’ve been enjoying your exersaucer. so when I put you in it, they come up to you and dance, or play with the toys on it, or just talk to you.  You’re a blessed little girl, Margaret!  Sam was sleeping during these pictures, otherwise he would’ve been all over you, too!imageimageimageimageimageimageYou still eat every four-ish hours and we haven’t tried food just yet.  We’ve held food up to your mouth and you lick it and you haven’t made any sour faces.  You might be a really good eater!imageimageYou’ve been sleeping through the night since you were five weeks, but the past few weeks, you’ve been waking in the middle of the night to eat.  Growth spurt?  Makes me a bit tired, but what sweet time with my girl!  You’ll grow up too fast, so I’m gonna snuggle you up as much as I can!imageimageYou still love to be swaddled up.  Sometimes you get your arms out-so cute to find you that way!imageimage

I sure do love you, sweet pea!  You’re such a doll baby, and I could eat you right on up!  Clearly I say that a lot, because Jack says it now, too!  Ha!  Our family adores you, baby girl, and Jesus loves you even more!

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