Seven Months Old!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Seven months old!  Oh, girlie do we love you so!  We are all constantly loving on you, holding you, hugging you, and kissing your sweet cheeks!  You are just our doll baby!!imageimageYou’re sitting up really great on your own right now (new trick!  as in the last couple of days!) and you love your new view!  You still topple over every now and then, usually when you get excited and kick your feet, but I think you do it on purpose sometimes so you can scoot around.  You’re not at all crawling, but you can spin around on your tummy to check out what’s around you.imageimageYou love your food!  You didn’t like green beans on their own, but mixed with something else-you’re fine!  There isn’t anything I’ve found that you won’t eat, and we’re so thankful for that!  I’m fully aware that that won’t last, so we’re being really creative with your food while we can!  You eat food for lunch and dinner-we should probably start breakfast, too.  You nurse when you wake up (7:30ish), lunch time-ish (11-12:30), after nap (3-4:30ish), and before bed (7-7:30).imageimageYou sleep great-again, so thankful!  Wake at 7:30ish, nap from 9:15-11ish, then again from 1-4ish, and bed at 7:15ish.  You sleep through the night-praise the Lord!  Oh, I loooovvee those baby toes and little dimples on your hands!imageimageSize two diapers and six or nine month clothes.  You are sooo fun to dress!  I love all the girly things.  Grandma and grandpa Thomas just went to Belgium and brought back a beautiful lace bonnet for you.  It’s beautiful!  You wore it to church today and in these pictures.  Love it!  imageYour brothers still eat you up!  Jack has been picking you up and walking around with you.  He likes to cuddle with you and make you smile.  It’s precious to watch!  He can really do no wrong by you!imageYou are such a love and a blessing sweet Margaret!  We are in awe of the sweet girl God has made!  He is so good-all the time!  We love you to the moon and back baby girl!imageimage

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