Eight Months Old!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eight months old! My sweet, sweet pea! You are just the most doll baby ever! You smile and giggle and laugh-oh, you’re such a delight!imageimageYou have perfected your ‘dada’, and I think that you really meant it last night. You saw daddy and said it-filled his heart! You are so ticklish, so of course we tickle you all the time! Your brothers love you to bits and pieces and always want to pick you up and entertain you. I mostly love to watch, but sometimes they make me nervous! They really are very good with you!imageYou love, love your food and eat anything I give you. You didn’t really care for green beans, actually not at all, but you’ll eat them no problem when I mix them with anything else.imageimageYou’re thinking about crawling-I mean really thinking about it! You’ll get up almost on your hands and knees and rock. Then you’ll reach forward and fall down. You’ll get it soon, but it’s totally fine to take your time!imageimageimageYou wear a size two diaper still and 6-9 month clothes. You’re such a little thing, and we love it! You eat/nurse three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sometimes nurse an extra time when you wake from your afternoon nap. You wake each day around 7 or 7:30, go back down at 9:15, up at 11:00, back down at 1:00, up at 4:00, and then back down at 7:30. So thankful for your good sleep!imageimageOh, Margaret, I can’t tell you how much we love you! You are a God-given miracle, sweet girl, and we thank Him for you each day! I can’t wait to teach you all about Him and how much he loves you! He is Good! Always!!image

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