I love them.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I’m so grateful to be their mamma!  And I’m thankful to Mark for these hilarious pictures on Mother’s Day!  He was telling them a pretty silly story and I was snapping away.  They love him to pieces and think he hung the moon.  Me too, boys!imageimageimageOur first born, who made me a mamma.imageAnd our second born-I’m so blessed!imageWhat they mostly looked like,imageand a few winners!imageBoys,  I’m so thankful to be a mom, and more importantly, your mom.  This is what I’ve always dreamed of!  Our family is my dream come true!  No, it’s not always easy, and I’m far from a perfect mom, but God chose me as the perfect mom for you.  With His daily grace and strength and patience, that’s what I’ll always try to be.  I’m so thankful you love me and forgive me when I fail.  Each day I learn so much from you.  You bring the biggest smile to my face and more joy to my heart than I can believe.  I just want to eat you up!!  I love you boys more than words can say!  Mamma

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