Two Months Old!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy TWO MONTH birthday, sweet girl!  Time is fling, just like it did with your brothers, and I don’t want to forget any of this!imageimageimageYou are such a content, happy girl-you still sleep most of the time!  When you’re awake, you’ll look around for a little bit, but then you want to be loved on.  Fine by us!  We all want to love on you, too!  And it’s so fun to watch you with your brothers.  We still have to watch Sam and remind him to be gentle, he thinks you’re bigger than you are!, but Jack knows just how to hold you.  If you’re fussing, you usually stop if Jack’s holding you!  So sweet!  You also love for us to sing to you.  You’ll just stare up and be so still.imageYou’re a wonderful sleeper!  Like I said, you still sleep most of the time, so we don’t have a real nap schedule yet.  You love your carrier, which is a good thing because we’re on the go a lot with your brothers.  You sleep in that just fine!  At night, I feed you at 10pm and then you’re up between 6:30 and 7am.  Yay!  (Started this at five and a half weeks)  During the day, you’re ok going four hours between feedings, but for the most part, we’re keeping it every three hours.imageYou’re in size one diapers and still in your newborn gowns.  I love having a tiny one! I’m hanging on to them as long as we can, but I’m sure you’re about to move to the 0-3 or 3 month sizes.  As long as you’re healthy and growing we’ll be happy to move up in sizes!imageYou’ve shown us your sweet smile, and it’s the cutest!  You’re wanting to coo, and you’ve done it a time or two but nothing big time yet.  Almost!imageWe love you to bits and pieces, sweet girl!  God has big plans for you and we’re thankful He gave you to us!  He picked you just for our family and we are so, so grateful for that!

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