Sam’s first dentist visit

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sam saw Dr. Hoffman today, and he did great!  He wouldn’t lay down for the hygienist, but he opened up just fine!  And he asked Dr. Hoffman to make a balloon out of a glove-because Jack told him he would!  No cavities-yay!image


Patrick McEvoy said...

That is so great! It’s actually nice to hear that Sam does not have cavities. It means that you guys are instilling good habits about his oral hygiene. Most kids his age are terrified to go to the dentist, but it’s nice to see that he is so brave. Kudos!

Dr. Patrick McEvoy

Milton Wilson said...

Kids are highly exposed to cavities because a sweet tooth is hard to control and overcome. I'm sure Sam is a huge fan of candy, but him not having cavities is such pleasant news. I just hope that he keeps those pearly white brushed and flossed regularly. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry