Six Months Old!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy FIRST half birthday, little one!  Six months already and you get sweeter every single day!  You are just the best and we’re SO thankful for you!  Your sweet, gummy smile lights up your whole face-I just want to eat you up!  We moved in to the new house today, and you were such a good girl through it all!  So easy going!imageYou’ve been eating solids for a couple weeks now, and you love it!  You've loved everything we’ve tried so far and you eat it all up!  Yay!  You still nurse every four-ish hours, and you’re still waking once at night.  You slept through the night at five weeks, but then just after four months, you started waking up again.  No problem!  While waking up at night is not the best, I know I’ll miss our sweet, quite time when it’s over.  And it only takes about fifteen minutes from when I get out of bed to when I get back in!  Then we’re both back to sleep!imageimageYou play with your teeny toes all the time-you love your toes, and I do, too!  I just love baby toes!  Any time you see them, you grab them and in to your mouth they go!  Actually, pretty much everything goes into your mouth right now!  imageYour brothers still adore you-how could they not!-and it’s such a blessing to watch.  Jack, specifically, loves to hold you, carry you around, get you things, and just plain entertain you!  Sometimes my heart skips a beat when I watch you three play, and sometimes I still can’t believe you’re all three ours! imageYour little personality is really starting to shine through and it’s just the cutest!  You’re so funny and so sweet!  And happy, happy!  You very rarely cry, and when you do, it’s usually a quick hug and snuggle and you’re happy again.  Thank you, LORD!  imageWe love you more than words can say, sweet baby Margaret!  But Jesus loves you the most!image

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