Moving day!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The movers got here bright and early this morning.  It was pouring or raining for so much of the day, but they did such a wonderful job!  The Thomases were here, too, and they were sooo helpful!  Thank you!!  I wish I would’ve taken some pictures of the process, I had to turn my eyes as they were carrying some really heavy things down and then back up the stairs!, but it was such a busy day that I only caught a couple. 

Last picture in the nursery…imageLooking empty!imageJack was at school and then a friends house most of the day, but when he got home, he helped right away!  He loved that they included him!imageThey finished up around 10 at night.  Our first night in the new house called for a slumber party!imageHere’s to new memories soaking the walls of this house!

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