Ten Months Old!

Monday, September 15, 2014

No way, no way!  I say the same thing each month, but it’s true-you are such a doll baby and a delight!  You’re so happy and laid back and fun, and just amazing!  We just can’t believe you’re ours.  Oh, we’re so grateful!  You were exactly who we were waiting for in our family, and God knew that!  His plans are ALWAYS better than ours!imageimageYou say mama and dada on purpose.  If daddy walks in the room, you squeal and crawl to him saying, “dadadada!”  Melts him into the biggest puddle every time!  Me, too!  image^^^Look at this face!  Not one you make much, but it cracks me up that I got a picture.  You’re so funny!  You got two teeth this past month and they’re so cute and teeny.  But they’re sharp!  You bit me a couple times!imageYour sleep schedule is still the same, with two naps a day.   You’re fine if we skip the morning nap to run errands.  You’ll just fall asleep in your carrier.  So thankful for your easy going nature!  You nurse in the morning when you wake, at lunch, and at bedtime.  Love that.  Still in a size two diaper and anywhere from six to twelve month clothes.imageimageYour brothers still make you light up-by doing anything really!  They always entertain you, bring you things, giggle at you-and you giggle right back!  They were my photo shoot helpers-imagealso where you kept crawling!imageimageYou are the best eater!  There’s nothing you won’t eat.  You’re on all table foods-no more pureed foods-and you love it.  You do great picking food up and feeding yourself.  You’re doing really great with your sippy cup, too!imageimageimageSweet, sweet pea, we love you!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made by our amazing Creator, and we are so thankful He gave you to our family!  We love you more than words can say!!image

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