First stitches

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So, we just had our first broken bone-now we have our first stitches!  Sam fell on the playground at school and cut his head just above his eyebrow pretty bad.  I took him to Dr. Trey, and two hours and twenty minutes later, we were out of there with three stitches.  It was AWFUL!!  They gave him litocane to numb him, and that scared him like crazy!  He was papoosed down so he couldn’t use his arms and he was watching as Dr. Trey came at him with a needle and scissors.  Oh, it was bad!  He started crying out for Mark (who was at work) when I wasn’t picking him up.  When that didn’t work, he started calling out for Jack (“Jacky, help me!”), and that REALLY broke my heart!  I was rubbing his legs and kissing his hands and telling him that I was right there and so proud of him, but he was terrified.  And that was hard.  I wish I could’ve spared him from that!  But It’s over, praise God, and he’s smiling.  And Mark’s going on Sunday when he has to have them removed!image

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