Two Months Old

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sweet baby boy!  Two months have passed since that amazing day in April.  Can’t believe it!  You are growing so fast-I’m trying to be present and really soak you up each and every second!  You make it so easy and so, so sweet!image
We are almost ot of size one diapers-what?  You are smiling some really good smiles right now and they are the best!  We’re getting a glimpse of your sweet personality and even heard a few little girgles and coos!  Love that!image
You are such a good, sweet baby-praise you LORD!  You continue to sleep most of the day but certainly give us some awake periods.  And you sleep through the night!  I feed you for the last time at 9:30 or so and then wrap you up and put you in the pram-on the floor-in our closet!  We’re renovating to build you a nursery (and other changes), so the closet it is for you right now.  You don’t mind a bit!image
I love baby toes!  And these right here^^, I eat them up pretty much daily!
You eat every three-ish hours and are so patient if it takes a bit longer.  You are great at nursing, and I sure love it!  Such sweet time, just you and me!image
Oh, Georgie!  We love you to bits and pieces, sweet child of ours!  May God be truly glorified in your little life!

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