Three Months Old

Friday, July 24, 2015

Three months old, my George!  You are the sweetest, most snuggly boy, and we love you so much!image
You’ve come alive this month and we love it!  You make eye contact with everyone and have the biggest smiles and giggles!  It’s all so contagious!  And you smile with you tongue sticking out-love it!image
You eat every four-ish hours now and are so patient!  You never get in too big of a rush to eat, but when we sit down and nurse, you’re ready!  You’re a great eater and pretty quick.  Way to go buddy!image
You still nap throughout the day, but I’m starting to see more awake times, too, and can see a predictable nap schedule starting to form.image
Your siblings are all so sweet with you and want to see you, help with you, hold you, or make you smile all the time!  Warms my heart!  Jack has even changed your diaper a few times, and Sam has helped!image
George, God gave our family just who we needed in you, and that was an answered prayer!  We are beyond thankful for you, sweet one!  We love you more than words can say, but Jesus loves you the most!

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