SIX Months!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy half-birthday, sweet George!  Cannot believe it’s true, but here we are!Time is just flying by-I pray I don’t miss any of it and remember all of it!image

George, you are so happy!  All we need to do is look your way and your face lights up!  It’s such a treat!  We’re so grateful for how laid back and patient you are!  What a perfect addition to our family you are, sweet one!image

You still nurse four times a day and once at night.  We’ve tried food in the past couple weeks, a few times, and you are not a fan yet.  We’ll keep trying!image

You also still wake in the middle of the night which is a first for our four babies.  I’m choosing to look on the bright side and soak up the cuddles and the one-on-one middle of the night sweetness!  It’s just to eat a bit and then you fall right back to sleep.  I think you wake because you don’t have enough room in your pram!  And also because I can hear you in our closet and I don’t want you to wake daddy!  We’re almost done with the renovation, and you’ll have your own room!image

You’re starting to sit up on your own-can’t believe it!  When daddy holds you hands to help you stand, you giggle so much and are so proud!  I love it!image

You have one tooth already with a second one on the way-what?!  Youngest baby so far!image

Everyone loves you to pieces, precious George, and we’re so grateful you’re ours!  Your siblings want to snuggle you up every chance they get and I melt watching it!  They love you so much.  What a blessing to have each other!  I love you more than words can say, our sweet boy, but Jesus loves you more!

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