Eighteen Months Old

Friday, August 20, 2010

Little love bug, it’s been a year and a half since we first laid eyes on you and you made us parents, and these past eighteen months have been nothing short of amazing! We love you more than we ever thought possible and do our best to show you that every day!image You and I went to the Horseshoe today to run around and take pictures, and your little toddler self had a great time! School is back in, so when we got there, a group of students were playing frisbee. You’re eyes were locked in! One day {I know way quicker than I’ll be ready} you’ll be out there running around with your friends, too, little one!imageYou are still quite the little explorer, so the Horseshoe was the perfect place for you to run around. Of course I kept an eye on you, but I let you walk all around and you loved it. image imageEven though I still call you my t-tiny baby, I know you’re turning into more and more of a toddler right before my eyes. You still have a lot of babyness to you-still only eight teeth with a ninth starting to break through-so I’m kissing your t-tiny baby fingers and toes as often as I can.imageimageRight now you are such a silly, silly little boy! You love to hide. Your favorites spots right now are behind window treatments, behind clothes in the closet, or right behind your tiny little hands! You love to close your eyes and cover them-because we totally can’t see you when you do that! :)imageYou love to talk, and even though we know what you’re saying, most of it is in your own language. You totally believe that you’re making perfect sense, though, and I love watching your expressions change as you tell your story!imageYou’ve gotten good at two word sentences, my recent favorite is “I clean.” meaning you want to vacuum after I’m finished, and just the other morning you pieced together a pretty long one! There was a bird trapped on our back porch the night before, and daddy got it. At breakfast you said, “Bird. All gone. Daddy got it!” By the way, he’s your hero!imageAnd you’re such a social, friendly little guy! You say, “hi!” to everyone you see-I love that you make others smile! It’s polite, and nice and Southern!, to greet people you come across, so we’ll work on keeping that up! imageAs a mom to a boy, I know I need to not freak out about bugs, but I’m not there yet. And thankfully, you’re not interested in them beyond just looking right now. Beetles don’t really bother me, so I let you take a pretty close look. And just look you did! Thank you for not touching…yet!imageYou are more than we could ever have asked for little one, and we’re so very thankful to call you our son! Your smile is bigger than it ever has been-and so are ours!image

We love you more than words can say, sweet boy!
Daddy and Mommy

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Lindsey said...

I love your monthly posts. I need to get better at mine! He is growing so fast. I can't wait to hear some of his little words. :)