Our little water boy

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jack loves to be outside, and he loves playing in the water, so free reign of the water hose is right up his alley!image I’m so thankful for my camera. If I didn’t have it, and the tons of pictures I take with it, I may not remember that our first born often plays with his tongue hanging out of his mouth!image I love having the opportunity to go back through the past months and find pictures of moments like this one. Mark was chasing Jack, so the smart little one with the water hose turned around and started chasing his daddy-with the water! I can hear that sweet little laugh when I look at this!imageAnd of course his daddy got him back-much to his delight!!image Mr. Hard-at-Work…image…and then back to play! It’s the simple things!! :)image

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Wayne said...

Having the tongue out during moments of concentration is a Singer trait... nice genes Jack.