Happy Half Birthday, Jack!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our little boy is one and a half today! Unbelievable, but a great reason to celebrate! After running around the Horseshoe for an hour, we came home and watched for daddy!image I think this is one of Jack’s favorite times of day! Mine, and I’m sure Mark’s, too!imageHe ate dinner, and then it was time for his half birthday cake and a present!imageHe’d been asking for his cake since he saw it at breakfast, but when we lit the candles and sang to him, he started crying and wanted nothing to do with the cake-or blowing out one and a half candles! Nothing that a present couldn’t take care of, though, so he opened that first.image His first little remote control car!image The remote only has one button, so he figured that out quickly and had fun with it! He even figured out how to turn the car on and off!imageAnd then he wanted his cake, and boy was he ready!image imageimage imageThis was the look I got when I thought he had his fair share for the night-imageHappy half birthday, sweet boy! We’re so proud of the little one and a half year old that you’ve become!imageAnd I can’t take credit for the super cute half cake idea-Amy makes these for her kids’ half birthdays, and I love it! Half birthdays are going to be big around here with our second baby boy due so close to Christmas. I’m excited to borrow the idea and make it part of our little half birthday tradition.


Mom/Granma said...

After seeing how much he eats I do believe he could have put away the whole cake had you let him.....so cute. Happy 1 1/2 Jack..we love you

Lindsey said...

That is a cute idea for sure! Looks like he had a lot more fun with the half birthday cake then the ONE year cake! Happy (belated) year and a half sweet Jack. We love you!!

Amy said...

Glad you could incorporate our little tradition! Happy Half Birthday Jack!