Jack at three

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, sweet boy!  Can you really be THREE?!  That makes me so happy and gives me a lump in my throat all at the same time.  So happy because you’re a healthy, growing, happy little boy, and the lump-because I can’t believe it’s already been three years!imageJust the other week, I filled out a survey for day school about different everyday skills, and it was so fun!  After doing our ‘homework’ together, I was able to check that you’ve mastered all of the skills with the exception of holding a pencil correctly every time.  You can do it if you want to, but not if you’re in a rush.  We’ll work on it!  imageYou can put your shoes and coat on by yourself, hop on one foot, walk backward (you move your arm up and down like a robot when you do this, and it cracks me up!), cut with scissors, stack blocks-you know, fun three-year-old things! imageI need to take more videos of you (and your brother!) because you say and do the funniest things right now!  You still ask ‘why’ a lot, but that hasn’t gotten old yet.  You can say most of The Lord’s Prayer by yourself, and that just warms this mamma’s heart.  I love to see God working in your heart already!imageYou are a rough and tumble boy, for sure, and love to build, wrestle, jump, play football/basketball/baseball/soccer/golf-any kind of boy thing!  You’ve got a strong will and let us know that you have a better plan some time, but when you pitch a fit, a trip to the stairs or a distraction usually does the trick.imageYou’re also the sweetest, most lovable three-year-old I can imagine.  You love your brother, and, even though you really want to wrestle him, you’re always making sure he’s ok and has what he needs.  You go to his room as soon as you wake up and hop into his crib to play.  I love to hear those sweet sounds-until I hear Sam squeal!  Gentle, loving, and kind buddy!  You’re such a snuggler with daddy and me, too.  LOVE.  IT!imageThere is so much more to say about you, t-tiny, so be sure to read your journal when you grow up and are reminiscing, ok?!  You’ve been such a blessing to your daddy, your brother, and me (and countless others!), and we love you more than words can say!  We’re so thankful for YOU!  Happy birthday, sweet first born!


Lindsey said...

I loved reading this! :-) We love you Jack!

Grandma and Grandpa S. said...

Count us in for those that love you 'cuz we really, really do!!