Jack’s birthday {via Instagram}

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good morning THREE-YEAR-OLD!!  He totally knows it’s his birthday, and I love it!  He woke up, saw his door decorations, and came to our room and said, “Mommy, did you put dat stuff on my door-dos decorations?"  I did, buddy!  “It’s my birthday?!”  It is!!!!  And later he said, “Momma, we’re not goin to school today?”  Nope!  “Cuz it’s my birthday!!!”  I love it!imageHe did a little birthday morning fishing, too!image Sam had a terrible rash on Sunday, so I took the rashey baby and the birthday boy to the doctor (and waited an hour and twenty minutes in the waiting room and another 25 in the room!!!!!-the boys did better than I did, I think!) only be be diagnosed with Hand Foot Mouth.  I hated spending Jack’s birthday morning there, but I’m thankful that Sam will be just fine!image Since we’d either been at the doctor or playing inside most of the day (another post of a new three-year-old-playing-with-his-blocks-instead-of-wanting-to-take-pictures to come!), we went for a pre-supper Target run to let the birthday boy pick out a new toy.  He immediately went for a guitar (would’ve been his sixth one!) and carried it through 90% of the toy aisles.  Nothing caught his eye enough to put the guitar back-until he saw the golf club!  His mind was changed, we grabbed some lollipops, and we checked out!image When we go home, Jack tried to blow up some balloons for our little birthday celebration.  He was trying so hard!  And of course we had more of the birthday song for the birthday boy and more cake!  We have a THREE-YEAR-OLD, and we love him so much!image And for fun, we celebrated birthday-eve, too!  Actually, Mark puts a candle in Jack’s treats all the time.  It’s Jack’s  favorite thing-and Mark’s fun like that!  That daddy sure knows how to put a smile on his boy’s face!image Night, night two-year-old!  We love you to the moon and back!image

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