Super Jack is THREE!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Almost!  We celebrated today at a Superhero party with our favorite Superheroes, and we had a great time!  See the birthday boy doing a dance to welcome his guests?  Kidding!  He was really running down the steps so he could jump off!imageimageimageimageJack’s second year.  That first picture was taken on his second birthday.  I can’t wait to compare that picture with a picture from his third birthday.image Superhero Gear was waiting to welcome the superheroes.  I thought they’d dress up right away, but most decided to pack them up to take home.imageimageimageSuper Em was looking pretty super!imageUncle Joey, Anna, and Eva were looking great, too!image We thankfully had great weather, so the superheroes played outside,imageimageimagehad Power Painting done on their arms and faces,imageimageimageimage and had super swords, Batman, dogs, frogs, you name it!, made by Super Joey.  We love him!imageimageimageSam played with grandpa, and his very own sword!,imageand Boland had fun with the toys and his big sister!  He got his very own sword, too!imageThe superheroes used a lot of energy saving the day, so we had lunch for them.imageimage imageimageimageAnd of course some birthday sweets!image Side note on the cookies:  Jack came downstairs the morning after I made these and saw them laying on the counter.  With such excitement, he said, “Wo, momma!  Look what you made!  Those are the bestest cookies ever!  I can’t wait to eat one!”  He made my day, and that is one of the reasons why it’s worth some late nights decorating and baking for him.image Kendall enjoyed her lunch and a cupcake, and sweet Ethan enjoyed a nap on his mama!imageAnd then it was birthday cake time!  image

(cake, and cupcake toppers, by Burghardt’s Custom Cakes-she’s amazing!) 

The birthday boy hopped on up (and then I switched his seat for better lighting!), got his mask all situated, and then put his nervous face on while we all sang to him.imageimage imageimageimageAnd his favorite part-image image Oooohhh, we love this almost three-year-old!  imageimageI went to get the plates and cake server, and Amy caught Jack sneaking a lick!  Crazy boy!  (Thanks for taking these pictures, Aim!)image Our boy enjoyed his cake (not only was it pretty, but it was delicious!  I really recommend Lauren!), and before we knew it, it was naptime for all the superheroes.imageimage Thank you all for celebrating Super Jack’s 3rd birthday with us-you definitely saved the day!image


Amy said...

The party was great, and photographed just as fabulously! I can't wait to steal the theme-ha! We enjoyed it, as always, and wish Jack a very happy (and healthy!) 3rd year! xoxo

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Everything is so cute, Michelle! Happy birthday to Jack. You did a great job on his party. Little birthday boy! :)

Erin said...

Had so much fun! We're now wearing our super capes all over the place :)

The Leviners said...

Love, Love, Love Jack's theme! We have a sweet shoppe party in a few weeks!