Sam’s surgery

Monday, October 21, 2013

Praise God, it was a short, uneventful, successful surgery!  Sam was taken back, the surgery happened, the surgeon came to give us the great report, and then we were back with him in recovery all in about 45 minutes.  We had to go back one at a time until we got to a recovery room, so Mark went first.  He stayed with him for about twenty minutes, and then we switched.  Oh, that boy.  It was so sweet to just rub his little head and sing to him.  I prayed over him, and when I said Amen, he did, too.  I teared up.  And then he said, “I not hungry, mommy.”  Sweet boy!image

We were home by ten, and he was doing great!  He was clearly still under the effects of the medicine, but doing great!  We cuddled big time, and he asked for an apple.image

We wondered what he would think without the “squishy” on his belly button, and other than playing with the bandage a bit, he hasn’t really noticed a thing!  Oh, but look at those groggy eyes!imageThanks be to God for the successful surgery and quick recovery!

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