The meeting

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mark went to pick the boys up from school around 3:30 on Margaret’s birthday so they could come meet their new sister.  When he told Jack it was a girl, Jack said, “I know!”  He said it was a girl all along! :)

They came in the room, and Jack, all casually, said, “Hey mom, where’s the baby?”  She was in my arms.  He spotted her and said, “Oh.  I’ll go wash my hands and then can I hold her?”  Of course!  A moment I’d been dreaming about for a long time!imageThey both did so great!  Wow, it was amazing seeing the THREE of them together.  We have THREE babies here to snuggle!  Praise God!imageJack wanted to come to the hospital this morning to help bring Margaret and me home.  He got to have some one on one time with his baby sister, and he ate it up!  He came in and washed his hands, and then hopped in the bed to hold her.  He was being so sweet!  Among other super precious things, he said, “Hi baby Margaret!  My name is Jack!  I’m your big brother.  You don’t have to worry about anything cuz I’ll protect you.  There’s another brother at home and his name is Sam.  He’s a good kid, too.”  Mark and I melted!imageWhen we got home, Sam (and G&G Thomas) greeted us at the door and wanted to get his hands on the baby!  He was trying to get her out of the carrier himself!imageThese two are going to be such GREAT big brothers to this sweet little girl!

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