Sunday, August 17, 2014

I’ve been having the hardest time getting videos on the blog, but I just figured it out!  Soooo, here are some videos I have to have on here!

July 1st:  Psalm 23.  He and his classmates learned this together.  So thankful that the LORD is already working in his little heart!

May 4th:  Oh, just so sweet!!

May 5th:  One of the last sprinkler runs at the old house.

June 21st:  First bites!

June 24th:  Practicing “dadadada”

July 1st:  Sam ‘reading’

July 27th:  First time figuring it out

August 6th:  A serenade I cannot put into words and will NEVER forget!

Many more to come!  So glad I have this figured out!!

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