Five Months Old

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Five months old, sweet boy!  You are such a delight and such and an absolute joy!  I frequently tell you how much I want to eat you up!  You are the most content, happy boy and your smiles are contagious!  You smile all. the. time!  People always ask if you’re always this happy, and I’m so thankful that I can say yes!image
Sweet George, you are so flexible with your schedule and so patient!  You take a morning nap, usually in the carrier, and then a long afternoon nap, 1-4:30, either on my bed or in the pram-still in our closet!  Yes, poor thing, you are still sleeping in our closet!!  You’re about to outgrow the pram, so good thing we’re almost finished with the renovation!  You also take a little cat nap around 5 or 5:30ish.  Just 15 minutes or so.image
Your siblings love, love you!  They constantly want to play with you and entertain you.  It melts me so much!  I mean, look at these faces!imageimage
You’re a really great sleeper, but you’ve continued to wake up in the middle of the night.  I wonder if it’s because you still sleep in the pram and I hear you, so I get you.  When you do wake, it’s just for ten or fifteen minutes to nurse and you fall right back to sleep.  I’m eating it up while it lasts, you snuggle bug!

You learned how to roll from back to belly a few weeks ago, but you don’t know how to roll back just yet.  You get stuck and you don’t like it!  You’re really strong with your neck, though-you love to look around!image
Georgie Porgie, we love you beyond words and are so grateful to God that you are ours!  You are super smiley, so sweet, laid back as can be, and the most loving with your siblings!  They all love to hold you and get in your face, and you are so tolerant!  And I do the same!  I think I kiss your face hundreds of times each day!  I want to eat you up!  I love you, sweet George, but Jesus loves you the most!!

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