Our funny, big boy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Doesn’t he look old?!  I know he’s only two, but how is he already TWO?  It’s happening too fast which makes me even more thankful for all our everyday silliness.  I just want to soak him up! imageHe’s been saying so much, really since he started talking, and I love it!  A few of my recent favorites: 1.  My birthday was the first of May, and he’s sung, “Happy BIRTHDAY to MOMMY!” every day since.  So sweet!  But I have to add-we’re starting to potty train, so sometimes it’s, “Happy Birthday to poopy!!”  Nice, I know.  2.  Although he doesn’t always obey them, he’s a rule repeater.  He’ll just randomly tell us something we’ve taught him-“I don’t touch {such and such}.  Only mommy can.”  “After supper, then I get my M’s.”( m&m’s)  image3.  He’s got a great memory and often talks about places we’ve been or things we’ve done.  There was a bird trapped in our back porch weeks ago.  Mark propped the door open with a tool and shooed it out with a broom.  Jack talks about that all. the. time.  “Daddy got that bird!  He got it with a broom.  It’s not a baseball, mommy.”  (Mark may have swung at it and I may have gotten scared and shrieked that the bird was in fact not a baseball)  Just another reason why Mark is his hero!  image 4.  I tucked him in for bed, and he rolled back over, looked up at me, and said, “Mommy, thanks for reading my books to me!”  Oh!!!!!  My pleasure little one!  5.  And I’m loving his imagination! “Mommy, I play with the vacuum?  I just pretend with it.”  “Mommy, this my boat.  I go on a boat trip.  Wanna come?” 6.  I put a new pair of sandals on him the other day, and he said, “Oh, mommy.  Ava gonna like these!”  No, sir.  You may not have a girlfriend yet!  7.  Since we’ve been to the doctor a handful of times lately, he likes to check our ears and eyes (or feet or knees or tummy…).  He’ll take a tool, hold it on our ear for a few seconds (while looking seriously into our eyes…SO funny and SO hard not to laugh!) and then say, “It’s doing good!”

Oh, I don’t want to forget these precious things!

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