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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We went to Family Night at Chick-Fil-A tonight, and Jack stayed busy keeping his eye on ‘that big cow’.  (“He not gonna come get me, mommy!”)  I just learned that we can trade in our Kid’s Meal toy for an after dinner treat (did you know that?), so Jack got some icre cream tonight.  I got my phone out to snap a cute picture, and here’s how it went:

“Buddy, smile for mommy really quick, please.” See picture one-new slightly cheesy smile.  “No, show me your real smile.”  See picture two-silly face that made me laugh thinking that that’s what he thought his real smile was like!  And then I got picture three, his real smile, because he was laughing with me!  Such a fun little moment with my growing-up-way-too-fast boy!imageAnd Sam was with us, too!  He took a nap for most of dinner but then woke up to talk to us a little bit.  That’s his new thing, and we’re loving it!image

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Lindsey said...

Too funny! That second picture cracks me up!