Memorial Day Firsts

Monday, May 30, 2011

We celebrated this Memorial Day with a couple firsts.

Sam had his first bite today!  I was totally fighting it (I love that he’s just nursing!  Today it’s his first spoonful of food, and tomorrow it’s kindergarten!  How is he ready for food?!), but I know these things happen, ready or not. 

He seemed interested at first and then quickly decided it wasn’t for him!image Mark tried again, but with no luck.image This little boy didn’t think the oatmeal cereal looked too tastey, either.image I tried as well, but our boy was not loving it.imageimage image So we cleaned him up, and he spotted Sophie so all was well.  We’ll try again soon!  And I’m secretly happy that he’s not interested! :)imageJack had a first today, too.  His first ice cream sandwich!  He’s never seen one before, so I asked him what he was eating.  He checked it out, said, “I tink dis is ice cream, mommy.”,imageand then he devoured the whole thing-eating it just like a sandwich!imageIt was a great Memorial Day!  We’re so indebted to everyone who has answered the call to serve this great country of ours!  Thank you for your service!

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