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Sunday, August 21, 2011

M:  “Jack, look at mommy, please.”
J:  “Mommy, I makin your food.  I busy”
M:  ”But buddy, there’s a monkey on my head!”
J:  ”Gasp!!!”image

I try.  And I won’t give up.  But I’ll also stand back and watch his little imagination at work-and take pictures of that.  Because when I do, man it’s so much fun!  I get to watch him problem solve and figure out for himself how things work.  I should get a Dictaphone for these times, though, because he says the funniest things-fun post to come!imageOf course it’s fun to watch him interact with Sam.  All the food was ‘too hot’ for Sam, so he gave him the lid to the ice cream container because ‘it won’t hurt Sam’s hands, mommy.’ imageHe still doesn’t get the pedal concept, but his two feet do the trick!imageAnd did you know you could make a T-Rex out of a teeny piece of play dough?  Take a look!image

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