Eight Months Old

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our sweet little one, you’re eight months old!  I just got used to the idea that you were seven months old-and then I blinked.image One difference between this month and last is that you’re a crawler now.  And not your regular crawl.  It was a head-dive-and-then-push-with-your-legs kind of crawl, but now you’ve adopted the army man crawl.  We love it!imageIf we so much as look at you or call your name, your face lights up and you do a really excited giggle.  It’s infectious.  (Note to self-get that on video again!!)imageOne of my favorite things I get to do as your mommy is check on you (and your brother) before I go to bed.  I check on Jack first, and he’s always (usually) tucked in just how I left him with his arms up and his lovies under his head.  I stare at him a minute and remember all the funny, sweet things he did and said that day (my heart about to burst!!), thank God for him, give him a kiss, and then make my way to your nursery.  imageI usually find you scooted way up to the top corner of your crib without your blanket on-not how I left you.  So I cover you up to make sure you’re warm and lean over to thank God for you and give you a kiss.  You stir a bit, and I secretly wish you would wake so I could cuddle you back to sleep.  Although I’m so very thankful for your wonderful sleeping habits, I do think about those early days when I’d cuddle you in the rocker, just a little longer, after you finished nursing in the wee hours of the morning.  Oh, how precious!imageNeedless to say, I head to bed with a full heart.  You boys are such a blessing to your daddy and me!  I can only imagine what it’ll be like when you and Jack share a room.  I’ll probably stand at the door and hear some pretty fun things after I think you’ve both gone to bed, and then when I come back to check on you and see our two boys sleeping side by side-be still my heart!imageSammers, you are a true joy-to your daddy, to your big brother, and to me.  You make our smiles bigger every day!  God is so good!

We love you to pieces!
Daddy and Mommy

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Allison said...

i do the same thing.every.single.night. and mine are 5 and 8.5 years. i wonder if i can continue until they graduate from high school?