First Day in the twos!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack started in his new classroom today!imageOur boy has a new routine and a more structured curriculum this year.  He’ll add chapel with Mr. Roger every Wednesday and will even be going on field trips!  Oohhh, I can’t wait to chaperone!imageHe started being a bit wiggly while I was snapping a few first day pics, so I asked him where his smile was.  He searched around in his book bag, grabbed his blanket out, and said, “Here it is, mama!”  Goofy boy!imageWe got to school, dropped Sam off, and then headed to Mrs. Geddis’ room at about 9:20 (mommy was told that class starts at 9:00-oops!).  This is the same room, and teacher, he’s with in the nursery on Sunday’s, so I thought drop off would be smooth.  Well, not so much.  For the most part, he’s never liked drop off (breaks my heart!) and today was no exception.  Real tears and everything.  Mrs. Geddis scooped him up and went on with Mail Delivery and I exited with lump in my throat.  I walked down the hall to say hello to his previous teacher (who so kindly said she’d give him an extra hug on the playground!) and then went back to peak at him.  He was already fine-he was handing out the mail!  Ok, guilt trip over.

When I picked him up, he ran straight to me with open arms!  Oh, I love that moment!!  I flipped through the first day paperwork to find his daily report, and it was a good one!  She noted that he fussed for a bit while I was there but then quickly settled down and willingly participated in circle time.  She said he loved his milk at lunch time (yep), had fun doing shaving cream art, took a great nap, and played nicely with his friends.  Good first day, little one!

We got home and started our new first day of school tradition-cookies and milk to talk about how the day went! (Well, that’s what it’s going to be, anyway!  I realized on Sunday night, when I started to make the cookies, that I didn’t have any butter.  So this year it was energy balls and milk-we loved it just the same!)imageimageWe’re so proud of you, Jack!  We hope you have a really great year with Mrs. Geddis and Mrs. Washington.  Remember your manners and your listening ears, and have so much fun playing and making new friends!  We love you! image

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