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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aren’t the apps available for our phones fun?!  Of course it would be great to have my big camera with me all the time, but since that’s just crazy, you can’t beat the iPhone and it’s apps!

A new hiding spot (8/15).image My boys and me-with the help of the forward facing camera (8/17). imageLast day of the ‘turning two’s’ and ‘infant ones’ (8/19).imageBath time (8/19) and play time (8/23).  Those stacking rings are a favorite!image My heart just skipped a beat. (8/23)imageAn after dinner, after walk treat (8/23) and some extra mommy snuggles (8/16).imageHere they are jammin this morning.  I could watch them interact all day long!

When I take Sam’s tray off, he always searches in his bib pocket to find some goodies that missed his mouth.  And he sits just like Jack did-with his little legs crossed (8/30)!imageMeanwhile, Jack gets some ‘work’ done (8/30).   image

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