An interview with our three-year-old

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You’ve seen these Mother’s Day interviews, and if you have school-aged kids, you probably have your own!  The answers are always great, so I thought I’d try it with Jack!IMG_5277 M: How old am I?
J:  31.  (He got that right because we had just talked about it.  He’s three and I’m three with a one beside it, and you say that like 31.)

M: How tall am I?
J:  Tell me.  Wait, I’ll go get my measure and measure you.  Gets it, measures me, and says, You’re 14.

M: What color is my hair?
J:  I don’t know.  But I’ll pretend it’s pink.  Ask me that again.
M:  What color is my hair?
J: It’s pink.  Hahahahaha!

M:  What’s your favorite thing to do with mommy?
J:  Go on adventures.  That’s cool, right?

M:  What makes me laugh?
J:  I smell hamburgers!  (His go-to joke!!)

M:  What makes me upset?
J:  Whispering-Stupid.  We don’t say that word, mommy.  I put all my stupids in the attic.  And we don’t say poop, either.

M:  What do you love about me?
J:  I love that you’re married.

M:  How do you know I love you?
J:  You cuddle me.

M: What is your favorite thing that I tell you?
J:  Well, I really like daddy’s stories.

M:  What’s your favorite thing I make for you?
J:  Dessert

M:  I love you SO, SO much, buddy!
J:  I love you, too, mommy!  hugs me BIG! I give the best hugs, right?
M:  Right, my sweet, sweet boy!!

M:  Who loves you the most?
J:  Jesus

I’m totally doing more interviews like this.  I just love what he has to say.  I want to follow him with a tape recorder, but writing it on the blog with suffice-as long as I write it!


Lindsey said...

Love it!! He's awesome!!

Michelle said...

Aww, thanks, sees!