Mother’s Day and a VERY SPECIAL birthday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear mamma!  Happy birthday to you!!!!  I hope your 60th birthday is one of the best yet!  And a very happy Mother’s Day to you, too!  You’re such an example to me and I’m so thankful for that!image

making my 3rd birthday cake with my beautiful mama!
After church, the Thomases joined us for a yummy lunch and then came back to the house to play for a short bit.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Thomas!!image It’s Rebecca’s birthday today, too!  She shares a birthday with my mamma-I knew I liked her!  We’re so glad that you spent some of your special day with us and hope you have a great week at the beach!  Happy birthday, Rebecca!image These little boys and their daddy gave me the BEST Mother’s Day cards-exactly what I wanted!  I’m such a card person (and Mark’s not, so it’s even more special to me when I get FOUR for one occasion!  He knows how to make me feel loved!), and they were all so sweet and fun!  imageimage Jack liked one of the cards from him and Sam so much that he took it and is keeping it in his tool box-along with a few of his other current favorite toys!  My heart bursts each time he takes it out to look at it!  Maybe he’ll be a card person, too?!imageimage
It was the perfect Mother’s Day.  I’m so blessed.image

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