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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because they grow and change so quickly, I wanted to get pictures of a few of the everyday things the boys are doing now.

Sam loves to get, and put away, his (or anyone’s) shoes.  He’s starting to try to put them on by himself-unsuccessfully so far.  His next step is to give them to me saying, “Shoes, shoes, shoes!”imageimageHe also LOVES his daddy!  Lately, he’s been finding a piece of Mark’s clothing, a sock, belt, shirt, shorts, and either carrying it around after Mark’s left for work or asking for it to be “on, on, on!”  He walked around like this for a good minute or two!  imageThis one-he LOVES his daddy, too!  One of Mark’s favorite times of the day is when he comes home and Jack runs to him, arms wide open, screaming, “Daddy!”  It is so. sweet!  Well, some days Jack cuts out the running part and just waits and watches.  The other day, he laid on the front couch just staring out the window.  He said, “I’m dus gonna watch for daddy.  He’ll be home in ONE minute.”  This is what he was doing today.  Waiting by the front door…watching Cars 2!  I think that makes Mark’s heart swell, too!imageimageThis part will come as no surprise.  Jack’s still loving Buzz.  We play Toy Story all the time.  “Not today, Zurg” and “Evil Doctor Porkchop” are popular choices, imageimagebut “To Infinity and Beyond!” is still the favorite. imageimageMan, I love these two-and the funny things they do!

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