Jack’s Christmas Program

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It was the sweetest thing, but I was so nervous waiting for it to start.  He woke up and told me he was sick and had a fever and couldn’t go to school today.  He said he couldn’t do his program.  And I believed him-that’s why I was so nervous!  During his Spring Program, he walked on stage and just stood there crying, so I was prepared.

He was the first to walk out (tallest in the back row), and he had a shy little grin on his face.imageAfter the all got lined up, the music teacher walked in front of them, gave them a little pep talk, and then let them all give us big waves!  That’s when I knew he’d be all right!  And they ALL did so great!imageI got to go to music class with them when I visited earlier this month, so I was familiar with the program, but nothing prepared me for the sense of pride I felt for our boy and the huge grin I had across my face!!  I know it was a three-year-old Christmas Program, but I was not the only momma with tears in my eyes when they walked off stage!imageimage

I know anyone who heard those sweet voices was filled with the Christmas Spirit that day.  You were amazing, Jacky boy!  Love you to the moon!!

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