One for one more day

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I needed some pictures of our one-year-old (before he turns TWO!), so after church we played at the Horseshoe.  These boys ran around like crazy.  And Sam wants to do anything that Jack does.  Look how he’s looking at his big brother.  Here, they were hiding, and Jack was being the look-out.imageimageimageimageHugging-in between wrestling.  I’m not fooled by this sweetness, but I sure do love it when I see it!imageOh, goodness!imageimageHe’s one, and just one!  He’s not two-for one more day-and I’m holding on to every second!imageThese moments melt me.  Sam tripped, and Jack said, “Oh, I’ll help you brother!” and they hugged.image“Hey, Sam!  You can’t get me!”imageimageimageMarching, marching!imageimageimageimageimageOoooh, I love them.image

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