Jack’s (second) football party!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We had a football party for Jack last year, but every time I asked him what kind of party he wanted for his fifth birthday, he would ask for a football party again.  Football party it is!  This time, at the park!imageOh, and the jersey’s-he’s been in to High School Musical lately, and they’re the Wildcats, so he wanted Wildcat Football jerseys!  Love that boy!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThanks, Grandpa, for letting Margaret in on the action!imageimageHappy, happy birthday to you, sweet boy!  imageimageAnd I will ALWAYS kiss you-even in front of your buddies!  That’s a privilege I have as your mamma! :)imageimageJack’s piece!imageimageimageSweet Callie-girl!imageimageimageimageRobbie Rabbit was with us for the weekend, so he came to the party, too!imageWe had such a fun time celebrating this boy with friends!  Thankful for each one who came to help him feel so loved!image

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