More teeth!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

(CORRECTION!!  Jack let me investigate his teeth a little bit tonight, 7/15, and what I thought was a molar was actually tooth number eight.  It’s the one next to his eye tooth, so I felt the two sides and thought it was a molar.  Not quite yet!)

imageAfter Jack’s first six teeth, we had a bit of a break in finding new ones, but now we seem to be on a roll!  Number seven came through just over a week ago, yesterday we found number eight, and today we found his first molar.  He just keeps right on growing!

And of course he won’t let me take pictures of the new pearly whites, so I caught him playing with his blocks instead.  He kept putting them in the cup and shaking it until they popped out-notice his blurry hand!

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