Who needs a spoon?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jack has been practicing eating with a spoon for a while now, but I’ve always held the bowl that he’s eating from.  Tonight it was all him, and he loved it! imageHe used his fingers first,imageimageimagemoved on to his spoon,imageand then decided the spoon wasn’t necessary and just brought the bowl right to his face!   Silly boy!imageimage He seemed very happy with how that idea turned out for him!image This is where he puts his t-tiny toes when he eats.  I love it!imageOne more try to get all the applesauce-image and all gone!imageIt was a fun dinner time for all, and a fun, much needed, bath time, too!


Lindsey said...

Super cute pictures! He's learning so much lately! Such a big boy! Love him!

Wayne said...

I think the most remarkable thing about the series is he did it without a bib!!!!!!!