Halloween Fun-part one

Saturday, September 25, 2010

While I know we’re over a month out, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Halloween crafts and decorations!  The internet is full of Fall Festival links (where different people link up to show crafts they’ve made), so I’ve found a ton of cute ideas from really creative mommies!  For instance:

Giant Candy Corn and friendly spiders,image Halloween signs (I have an extra B if anyone wants to make this.  The letters come in a two pack.) and cheese cloth ghosts (I made the ghosts a couple years ago so I don’t have a link),image and candy corn bunting. imageI have a few more crafts on my to-do list, but I’m working on our little monkey’s costume now.  I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll turn out how it looks in my head!  We’ll see!


Amy said...

Maybe it was just my computer that wasn't working when I tried to comment. We should have totally done a Halloween craft day! I'm stealing all of these ideas. :) You'll have to let me know how to do the ghosts...I've been wanting some larger ones for my porch. Cute cute cute!

Elizabeth said...

As always, too cute :) You know I made those ghosts a few Halloweens ago and they didn't turn out nearly as cute as yours!! I'm definitely going to use some of these ideas. I need to start decorating soon so the kids can enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!!

gingermjordan said...

Michelle, can you send me the link that you did the Boo